For over 20 years, Creative Freelancers has provided top freelance talent to advertising agencies, publishers, major corporations and small businesses. We have an established reputation for our ability to understand specialized requests and to supply top professionals.

It all started back when many businesses found they needed professional freelance help but couldn't readily find them. At the same time, top notch talents could not always successfully market their skills. Our founder was an art director at a major advertising agency who realized that there should be a centralized source to easily access these talents. Creative Freelancers was established as the first full service source of its kind, and the word "freelancers" was coined its' name.

During the earlier years, the company primarily represented select professionals that either worked on the premises of the client or on assignment at their own studios. In the mid 80's, we began a separate division for writers, designers and illustrators.

In the twenty years since we started to help creative independents connect with potential clients, we have had hundreds of satisfied customers. We now offer this web site to further enlarge our scope of services and connect even more people together.

Creative Freelancers' site contains a portfolio gallery, a free listings database for professionals and a classified advertising section. The talent includes but is not limited to, writers, designers, web developers, illustrators, computer artists, copy editors, art directors, photographers, proofreaders, and production personnel. It is an employment center for those interested in finding commissioned or part-time people and assignments. It is often a good place to find full-time staff as well.

Creative Freelancers makes finding the right talent easy!