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Centrally manage schedules, documents and projects on the web.

Whether your clients, freelancers or co-workers are in another state or across town get each of them on the same page instantly with your own eStudio.

Organize, coordinate and collaborate on all of your communication-arts projects: View and comment on artwork, video, animation, copy, scripts, press releases, and more. Set schedules. Manage contacts. Create estimates. Report expenses. Real Time Conference with your team. Promote your business and so much more. Anytime. Anywhere. Instantly. eStudio requires no additional software and is completely cross-platform. It's simple, fast and easy to use.

eSTUDIOS are an innovative new resource for today's creative professional. If you work under tight deadlines with other busy colleagues, clients and vendors- each at a different location- then you need to discover how our eStudios can utilize the Internet to instantly bring everyone involved together onto the same page- your page.

Much more than an FTP sites or email managers, think of an eSTUDIO as a virtual studio suite that you rent on a monthly basis. Customize it. Decide who can enter your eStudio and where they can go. Utilize the different areas and their specific functions. Manage your project from its inception to its completion all from one universally accessable location. Easily post files for review and written feedback. Share calendars, contact info, expenses, estimates, conferencing and much more. Use the power and efficiency of the internet to get your project completed. Save time, energy and money.


- eSTUDIO gives professionals the ability to upload/download works-in-progress and presents multiple images with clickable thumbnails. The thumbnails are created on the fly, just notate the image and your done. You can even upload files from 3D programs, AVID, AfterEffects, Video Clips and text. Just about any type of file you can create you can share with your co-workers. Your colleagues can add comments about files that have been uploaded to your eSTUDIO. When you are ready to show your final work just click to add the file to the client area. Media Asset Management could not be easier.


- eSTUDIO provides a calendar to schedule appointments, record important "due dates" and tell your co-workers about important events. All information is presented securely. Events are available in a Day, Week or Month view. Events can also be viewed by groups or by individual users. Get everybody on the same page for those important meetings.


- Get your bidding process under control with eSTUDIO. Create your own form on-line that holds every aspect of the cost for a project. Edit the information; add new line items and when you are finished just click to publish. eSTUDIO does the math for you. Record all expenses related to the project and update your costs with just a click of a button. In eSTUDIO you can assign permissions to workers to record their time on a project. Plus you can always add a new expense for that unexpected cost. When you are finished with your assignment save the file to your desktop or print it for inclusion with your billing.


- eSTUDIO's contact managers puts all of your addresses, phone, cell and fax numbers in an easy to find location. Just click on a worker's e-mail address to send them a message. Create contact lists for vendors, clients and other important information. Simple, easy and secure.


- In eSTUDIO users have the ability to comment on every file in every section of the studio. Users can follow the evolution of the project with real clarity. Workroom comments can be limited to viewing by specific users and can be sent to both the CLIENT area and the FINALS when you so choose.


- eSTUDIO provides users with an easy to use Chat program. Just login, click on Conference and a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to have real-time access to other members that are in your eSTUDIO. Discuss various aspects of your work accurately and get down to business. eSTUDIO also include a threaded message board. Use this feature to start a discussion about issues that are not related to a specific file.


- eSTUDIO provides you with power through the eManager. Set permissions to access various areas for each individual user. Behind our advanced password protection your project details are secured, safe from prying eyes. Set-up is so easy that you can be up and running in as little as five minutes. Add a user, grant and define user permission, with just a few mouse clicks. Customize the look; add your logo or banner and update general message for your Team. Now you can really manage your projects.


- eSTUDIO has built in help for both administration and users. Written in easy to understand language, the Support Center will increase the productivity of all members of your team. Of course if you have a question you can also contact us by phone at or e-mail for prompt one-to-one service.


- Our multiple T1 connections make accessing your space fast. Your modem is the only factor that can limit your access speed. A dedicated RealVideo server provides quick presentation of video.


- When you subscribe to eSTUDIO you'll be able to promote your business to new customers from our User's Portfolio. Includes up to six files with explanations, Meta tags (so search engines can find you), e-mail address and your logo.


Display eSTUDIO from inside your own web site. Just link eSTUDIO's login page to your site within a frame and you're ready to go. You can even add your logo or your client's logo to let them know that you've got power. If you don't have your own site then you can go directly to your studio by bookmarking the enter eSTUDIO link from our site.


Right now eSTUDIO is offering a free thirty day trial membership. If you are happy with eSTUDIO and wish to continue it costs $29.95 for a month subscription. For projects of longer duration we offer a three-month subscription for $69.95. eSTUDIO allows an unlimited number of unique users to access a private studio space with a turnkey project management system. Up to 50 MB of storage is available to studio subscribers. Bandwidth allocation per project is based upon 1 GB per month. All studios are connected to T1 lines for fast throughput. Get organized and save money.


In the eManager you grant specific permission to each colleague you wish to access your eStudio. You may have as many users as you wish. It is suggested that each user has a separate user name and password. This allows you to specifically track comments and uploads for each User.


You can modify your eStudio look from within your eManager. Click on Project Info to select the style and color palette for your eStudio. Additionally you can add your banner, name your eStudio and add greeting text from within your eManager.


eSTUDIO will be regularly adding new features to the eStudio toolkit. Planned additions include net 2 phone conferencing, whiteboarding, and video file markup. If you have any special requests for additional features click here to send us an email.


Have a question? Call (203) 532-2924 EST or e-mail.